JGLM Basic Principles

1. JGLM does not comment concerning your use of medical treatment.

2. JGLM does not write “begging letters” asking for finances.

3. JGLM does not receive offerings of any kind during healing services.

4. JGLM does not receive payment or money of any kind for praying or ministering to the sick. (If money is offered before or after ministry (prayer) it will not be received.)

5. JGLM does not blame the sick or their relatives for failure to receive healing. As far as JGLM is concerned the failure rests upon the “Pray-er” (the person doing the praying).

6. JGLM does not dig into people’s past or try to find their “sins” before setting them free.

7. JGLM does not try to find a sick person’s “generational curses”. JGLM sets the captives free, not finding out why they are a captive.

8. JGLM does not blame the parents for their child’s illness or the failure to be healed.

9. JGLM does not “blend” teachings that contradict Biblical principles with the basic teachings of the JGLM Divine Healing Technician Training ©.

10. JGLM does not lift up any human, nor blindly follow any human.

11. JGLM recognizes Jesus alone as the only “special” one.

JGLM co-workers are not doctors or psychologists. Every Service we do out of compassion for our fellow man.